Born on November 11 1987. He is a scientist and entrepreneur in Indonesia. Currently he serves as president director and co-founder of Apivent. He has also been involved in the world of cosmetics and traditional medicine business for more than 8 years which utilizes many natural ingredients from the archipelago.

Novan was born into a family with an excellent educational background. His mother and father were elementary school teachers. Novan grew up full of prayers and hopes that one day he would become a successful person.

Novan is a smart and energetic child. Novan never moved from TOP 1 in his class, so he graduated as the best graduate at that time, bringing several awards for his achievements. Entering college in 2005, Novan chose the Bogor Agricultural Institute as the location for the Candradimuka crater. Majoring in Biochemistry.

Graduating from IPB in 2010 with a GPA of 3.30 and a very satisfactory distinction, Novan then enrolled in school in Taiwan on a scholarship. Accepted at National Chiayi University (NCYU) as a full scholarship recipient while pursuing his master’s degree. At NCYU, Novan chose the Department of Microbiology Immunology and Biopharmaceuticals in the Faculty of Life Science, graduating from NCYU in 2012 with a GPA of 4.00 and Cum Laude predicate.

He brought a lot of knowledge and knowledge which he then applies today at Apivent. Novan was included in several business magazines in Indonesia, one of which was SWA magazine in 2015.

On several occasions, he was also specially invited by many universities in the country and business incubation institutions to mentor start-up companies and share his experiences in building businesses in the health and beauty sector.

Because of his strong leadership skills and good analytical skills, in his previous company with startup company status, he was able to provide profits in the form of dividends to shareholders and investors in the company he led at that time, within a period of approximately 5 years.

Currently at Apivent, he also has a very good vision for the company’s growth over the next few years. Apivent is a subsidiary of a holding company which is in the process of listing on the stock exchange.

In the next 2-3 years, Novan hopes that Apivent can go public independently on the Indonesian stock exchange.