PT Nano Herbaltama Indonesia is a different global manufacturing and nanotechnology company.  as a startup company engaged in manufacturing. This company is supported by experts in the field of nanotechnology so that it grows and develops to become a company that is able to compete with other leading companies.

We offer a wide range of herbal products and services for processing nano materials to get good products. Over the past 10 years NHI has grown from a narrow market to a national multi-channel company and retailer.

We aim to provide the best service experience for our customers, however and whenever they choose to need our services and products. It has been proven that using nanotechnology on herbs provides many benefits in quality.

Many products have been made and produced with nano technology. For example, nano chitosan, which comes from crams and or shrimp, nano propolis from bees, nano spirulina comes from green algae, cosmetics with one or more nano ingredients inside, and many more. Supported by many experts, good practice laboratories, fast analysis and quick response, we are ready to be your partner to improve and develop our products together.

Vision is to become an herbal company that uses nanotechnology as its main strength and is known for its capabilities, credibility and quality of products created.

Mission is :

  • To provide innovative training solutions and services about nanotechnology
  • To build a professional and innovative company, and also adaptive to rapid change
  • To improve the quality of herbal products (nano) and national industrial capabilities supported by standard testing
  • To provide unique products with nanotechnology

What we offer

  1. Production unit
  2. Unit for material characterization services
  3. Nano processing unit
  4. Nano-tech machinery manufacturing unit
  5. Technology transfer unit

We give you EXCELLENT & SERVICE quality