The herbal medicine products that will be produced by PT Nano Herbatama Internasional include:

Internal medicinal fluids are traditional medicinal preparations in the form of oils, solutions, suspensions or emulsions made from simplicia powder and/or extracts and used as internal medicine.

The example is:

  • Herbal Cough Medicine
  • Supplements for adults
  • Supplements for children
  • Herbal Cold Medicine
  • Herbal Mood Booster Medicine
  • Herbal Stamina Medicine
Herbal Cough Medicine
obat batuk herbal
Supplements for children
propolis kids
Supplement Propolis
Mouth Spray
mouth spray

Propolis is one of the raw materials for traditional herbal medicine.

Propolis is a resinous substance that contains minerals, organic chemical compounds and antibiotics that come from the shoots, flowers and bark of trees. Several studies report that propolis exhibits antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and antiprotozoal activity.

Propolis flavonoid compounds also act as antioxidants which are able to overcome free radical compounds so they are very good as anticancer agents.

With such complete biological activity, the diseases that propolis can treat are very broad, both infectious diseases (cough, sore throat, tuberculosis, etc.) and degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, myoma, tumors, cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.

The benefits of propolis are also very good for increasing body endurance.

Propolis with nano technology can be developed into herbal supplements, cough medicine, mouthwash etc.

kapsul mock up


Capsules are preparations containing one or more types of medicinal ingredients which are placed in a shell or small container which is generally made of gelatin.

The purpose of the capsules made from herbal ingredients is to:

  • Capsules for beauty
  • Capsules for slimming
  • Male stamina capsules
  • Immune system capsules
serbuk oral

Oral powder

Oral powder is a drug that is usually found in sachet form (plastic or paper packaging) in powder form. The powder can usually be swallowed directly or dissolved in water first.

example of oral powder

oral  red ginger powder

kencur oral powder

Oral powder also depends on the herbal ingredients in it, there are also oral powders in the form of tea for slimming or artificial sweeteners for blood sugar diseases.