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Product Design for Herbal Products

Herbal product design plays an important role in attracting consumers, building brand trust, and increasing sales value. Effective design can help herbal products stand out from competitors and increase the chances of success in the market.

Meanwhile, product design is the process of creating products that are functional, aesthetic, and useful for users. This process involves various disciplines, such as industrial design, graphic design, interaction design, and engineering.

The following are some important aspects of product design:

User understanding: Product designers must understand users’ needs, wants, and behaviors to create products that suit them.
Functionality: The product should have clear functionality and be easy to use.
Aesthetics: The product must have an attractive appearance and suit the target user.
Usability: The product should be easy for users to use and understand.
Reliability: The product must be durable and can be used repeatedly without breaking down.
Sustainability: Products must be designed with their environmental impact in mind.
The product design process generally consists of several stages, namely:

Research: In this stage, designers gather information about users, the market, and competitors.
Ideation: In this stage, designers generate ideas for new products.
Prototype: In this stage, the designer creates a rough model of the product to test his ideas.
Testing: In this stage, designers test the product with users to get feedback.
Refinement: In this stage, designers refine the product based on feedback from users.
Launch: In this stage, the product is launched into the market.
Product design is a field that is constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies and new trends. Product designers must always follow the latest developments in order to create innovative and competitive products.